Showing your strength: a fresh approach to sportswear

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Brand Launch Europe

Yvette is an authentic fitness brand for active, confident women. With „Second to None“ we developed the Europe-wide launch: from brand identity and looks, an e-com platform as well as lookbooks for their trade fair presence at ISPO Munic – aimed at retailers and customers. Setting out to show Yvette to the world, we zoomed in on what sets them apart: every outfit shines in the right setting, every text highlights what makes their pieces so great to wear. We created powerful imagery and personal messages across all media, that tell the story of strong women.

Yvette Sportswear Women Sport
Yvette Corporate Presentation
Yvette Sticker
Yvette Sportswear Women Sport - Shooting

We want to encourage women to be anything they want to be. They don’t have to settle on just one thing.

Yvette Shooting Plan
Yvette Shooting - Making Of
Yvette Sportswear
Yvette Technical Lookbook
Yvette Fashion Photo
Yvette Fashion Lookbook
Yvette Website
Yvette Behind The Scenes - Work In Progress
Yvette - Booth at the Ispo 2017