Quintana Roo
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Art Direction, UX/UI Design, Webdesign

Web Design

In 1981, Dan Empfield participated in the Ironman Hawaii – eventually, triathlon would become a hugely popular event. Lacking a supplier of highly specialized equipment for the sport, he took advantage of the gap in the market. Thus Quintana Roo was founded, named after the famous region in Mexico. We were thrilled to partner with the brand to conceptualize, develop and design an online shop for their triathlon bikes. Besides introducing partners from competitive sports, the technology behind the products is explained clearly. A bike shop that makes you want to discover, buy and ride from the first click onwards.

quintanaroo responsive website bike shop
quintanaroo bike riding sports
quintanaroo bike riding sports app mobile shop

Highly specialized products need clear-cut communication of their features and characteristics, phrased for their respective audiences.

quintanaroo responsive website bike shop