FEGIME Germany
Motivating people to connect their businesses

Brand + Information Architecture, Campaigns, Graphics + Illustration, Layout + Print Production, Storytelling + Copywriting, Strategy + Concept, Webdesign

Information + assistance in digitalization B2B

We helped FEGIME architect their service information from the ground up to introduce their members to a new way of smart electrical wholesaling. Our communication provides a space to explain and showcase the organization’s numerous opportunities for industry experts to connect with their clients, improve their processes and kickstart their online business. With visuals inspired by FEGIME’s network concept, we created an accessible and straightforward way of communication – be it online or offline. Easy step-by-step instructions, inviting and understandable infographics and informative short video clips break down the complex FEGIME services into an experience that helps their partners grow stronger in a rapidly changing market.

Fergime Light and Bulding mockup
Fergime Light and Bulding mockup
Fergime Light and Bulding mockup
Fegime Cover Logo Image

Digital B2B tools often aren’t intuitive nor self-explanatory – but that doesn’t mean the communication about them can’t be.

Fergime mockup
Fegime Mockup Magaznie
Fegime website mockup