Anja Ippach (Triathletin)
All the way: celebrating an athlete's passion

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Personal branding

The visual identity and system we constructed provides flexible elements that can be adapted both in print and online in a variety of scales. Using vibrant imagery and bold colors we created a fresh and timeless design to tell Anja’s very own athletic story. Through digital media we made sure to keep her followers updated about training camps, races and daily triathlete matters - both in German and English.
Anja Beranek magazine
Photo of Anja - after the Ironman triathlon
Anja Beranek - Detail racing suit
Anja Beranek - Detail shirt

By giving everything a personal touch – from racing suit to digital mailing – we put a smile on the faces of Anja’s fans, followers and sponsors alike.

Anja Beranek - Homepage
Anja Beranek Website - Behind the scenes
Anja Beranek - Print products
Anja Beranek - Detail of a print product
Anja Beranek - Detail of a print product