Unerwartet. Unabhängig. Kreativ.
Wir schaffen Verbindungen zwischen Marken und Menschen.

Die Zukunft

War noch nie unvorhersehbarer.

Alles ändert sich. Heute so schnell wie noch nie zuvor.

Aber eins bleibt sicher: Nur gute Ideen und Vorstellungskraft bringen Emotionen hervor und uns alle weiter.

Wie stehen Ihre Karten? Wie sieht die Zukunft Ihrer Marke aus? Erschaffen wir sie gemeinsam.

Ihr Browser kann leider kein svg darstellen!

Die Mutigen verändern die Welt. Wir wagen es und brechen mit Alltagstrott, Seh- und Denkgewohnheiten.

Nur so erschaffen wir die Botschaft, die zählt.

Wie stehen Ihre Karten?

Wählen Sie eine!

Need help reflecting your brand’s true voice?

Fasten your seatbelts!
We'll push your brand to its full potential – with our design expertise, consumer insights and strategic media placements.
How? We hustle harder and dig deeper. 
No bullshit!

We’ve been described on Facebook reviews as being „friendly and quick“.

Those are some solid qualities if you need a new creative agency. Also pretty decent personal traits for a one night stand.
Just sayin’…

Change your future!
Give us your complex shit.

We’ll boil it down for you and deliver mind-blowing ideas.
Beyond aesthetics and with a fresh perspective.
We’re your pipeline for great customer communication.
B2B and B2C.

Du hast so weit gescrollt, dass du unser FAQ gefunden hast.

What is alphabetique?

alphabetique is a multidisciplinary creative agency with offices in Nuremberg and Berlin.
We create engaging experiences by fusing creativity, strategy and know-how across all media.

What does alphabetique do?

Alphabetique produces communication across all media.
Our extensive portfolio includes work in print and digital, indoors and outdoors, national and international.

When was alphabetique founded?

’Twas the year 2012.

Who founded alphabetique?

Alphabetique was birthed by Simon Hirtreiter and Jonathan Leistner in Nuremberg.
From the start, they believed in the power of creative ideas to bring positive changes to brands and their customers.
Not long after, they created a fun playhouse and hired a diverse group of problem solvers – and we’re not afraid of a big blank page!

What does abtq stand for?

It’s the acronym for alphabetique, duh.

Who would win in an oil wrestling match? Simon or Jonathan?

Neither. Both have cholesterol levels that are much too high.

Why are there so many women and so few men working at abtq?

We don’t piss on toilet seats.

So, do female alphas actually go into meetings?

Yes. This is a case for the FBI.
Sometimes we even have period parties.

What are your favorite swear words?

Saubatzi, Kackhaufen, Arschkrawatte, oh crap.

Which film or TV show most accurately represents how alphabetique works?

Enter the Void – but only the trailer.

What is the secret of creativity?

Here the answers of our inhouse survey:
- Curiosity
- Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtra dementa fuit – Seneca
- I don’t understand the question

So, do you work for free?

Yes, if you’ll invite us out to a romantic car park dinner for three.

What are you doing for the environment?

Most of us ride our bikes or take public transportation.
We cook our own food for lunch.
Over half of us are vegans and only eat grass.
We use reusable towels and get glass bottled water.

Wait, so you really do tarot card readings?

Yes. After having said that: no.

If abtq were a song, which would it be?

Love me like there is no tomorrow – Freddy Mercury

Can you make my logo bigger?

Yes, no, yes – for 10 Euro per millimeters.

What are the alphas most afraid of?

Clients who have "a friend who can do that…“, people with glitter in their faces, aunts who hit on your boyfriend at Christmas lunch.

If the walls in your agency could talk, what would they say?

1. "What’s there for lunch?“ – Joni, every day at 11:03 am.
2. "Weeekeeeennddd!“ – Simon and Joni disharmoniously singing from Thursday evening onwards.

You want to know more?

Send in your questions.